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You know 0.8Liter loves to bring you the latest in products, but what do you know about the brands who actually make these products? We were curious ourselves to learn more on top of what we already know, so we’re reaching out to some of our favorite brands to find out more!

Much of our time is spent on our computers and tablets, whether at home or at work, and cyber security is a hot topic these days. Hacking is a major concern, and even the webcams on our laptops or tablets can be used against us. How many of you reading this have a piece of tape or a post-it placed over your camera at this very moment? You’re not alone.

Steagle’s founder went to the US and while there visited a cafe where people were working on their laptops. Many of the laptops had post-its over the webcam. It was a funny sight at the time, but the founder then thought about its implications. Since these devices are used so often, and their everyday use will continue to increase, the risk of hacking similarly grows greater. As a result, the Steagle webcam cover was born.

While there are plenty of protection programs available for computers, the only real prevention for webcam hacking is to cover it completely, shielding the user from potential malicious activity. And the Steagle cover is the ideal kind of shield, thanks to its sophisticated design. It’s made from aluminum, which is durable despite its significant thinness: 0.03 inches, to be exact! It’s the same thickness as a credit card, and when it’s attached to your laptop, there’s no interference with its action. You can still close it the same way.

With the philosophy “Simple is best,” Steagle’s covers are stylish yet simple, easy yet elegant. When it’s attached it blends in with the design of your laptop, and easily slides on and off so you can still access your webcam when you need to. It comes in a range of colors if you want to match or complement your laptop or tablet, and there are even flag designs available if you’re feeling patriotic! But their most popular product is the classic black–a chic and luxurious design loved by men and women alike. It is also a best selling item on Amazon and was selected as an Amazon’s Choice, meaning that it is recommended by Amazon for being a highly-rated, well-priced product that is available to ship immediately.

And Steagle doesn’t plan to stop at webcam covers! You can expect to see their minimalist designs branching out into other kinds of accessories for your devices, electronics, and more. So you can keep your everyday life not just safe, but chic, with Steagle. If you’d like a chance to get your own super-stylish webcam cover, head over to Amazon and don’t forget to follow Steagle on 0.8L!

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