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Why You Should Engage With Micro-Influencers

It’s common knowledge today that traditional advertising pathways have gone stale among millennials, who find them intrusive, impersonal, and do their best to avoid them whenever possible.[1] As such, brands have recently been making efforts to reach audiences through other channels. A popular marketing trend is to recruit so-called “influencers” — celebrities who have far-reaching sway — to get the […]

How to Get People Talking About Your Brand on Social Media

What comes to mind when you imagine the millennial generation? Likely, you’ll envision a group of young, tech-savvy adults, well-informed on — or setting — the latest trends. You may even spontaneously include a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop in your mind’s eye. This is not stereotypical but quite consistent with the present day: in comparison with earlier generations, […]

Meet the Brand: Steagle

You know 0.8Liter loves to bring you the latest in products, but what do you know about the brands who actually make these products? We were curious ourselves to learn more on top of what we already know, so we’re reaching out to some of our favorite brands to find out more! Much of our […]