How to Get People Talking About Your Brand on Social Media

What comes to mind when you imagine the millennial generation? Likely, you’ll envision a group of young, tech-savvy adults, well-informed on — or setting — the latest trends. You may even spontaneously include a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop in your mind’s eye. This is not stereotypical but quite consistent with the present day: in comparison with earlier generations, research has shown that the everyday lives of millennials are closely integrated with technological devices that keep them connected to ongoing conversations on social media. As a clear example, fully 88% of millennials get their news from Facebook, followed by 83% from YouTube. [1]

Millennial + Social Media = Marketing Opportunity

This trend among millennials has attracted the attention of brand marketers who see a massive opportunity to tap into the daily lives of young people today, and with good reason. A recent report by Deloitte reveals that 47% of millennials report consulting social media before deciding on and making a purchase, in contrast with a mere 19% from earlier generations. [2]

What’s more, millennials are not moved by official marketing messages directly from brands; they are rather propelled into action from their peers on social media. These are the sources millennials typically trust and welcome when it comes to purchase decisions. [3] To illustrate, check out the image below:

Image Source

Evidently, developing social media presence can significantly impact a brand’s bottom line, and many brands have accordingly begun to focus on user generated content instead of traditional marketing devices, like cold, impersonal advertisements. [4] But this is a challenging transition: how can a brand address potential customers directly and get them talking about the products on social media?

0.8L created a platform that helps brands to connect with customers and to create native social media reviews through promotional giveaway campaigns. A 0.8L campaign is a chance to reach out to a continuously growing community of users keen on exploring new products, and to generate consumer reviews and brand awareness through their insights.


  • A partner brand allocates a set number of products for a 72-hour promotional giveaway campaign announced on 0.8L’s website. In order to enter a campaign, 0.8L users must share the campaign post on their social media.
  • Campaign winners are selected randomly. Once they receive the products, they will need to post honest, informative reviews on Facebook or Instagram.
  • All campaign applicants are real people with real accounts. Their accounts are open to public, and they are required to use hashtags at brand’s choice.
  • 0.8L provides a result report featuring number of shared posts, applicants’ demographics, review rate and other related data.
  • 0.8L campaigns also feature links to 0.8L websites: those who don’t get to win will be able to buy the product directly from the partner brand.

To take full advantage of 0.8L’s platform, it’s important for brands to take initiative in nurturing an active relationship with those who got a chance to try the product by sending personal messages with shipments and then following up once the reviews are posted. This ensures engaged and lively product reviews and conveys that a brand cares for and values its customers, ultimately constituting the early steps to converting potential customers into brand enthusiasts.

Want to interact with potential customers directly and get authentic reviews? 0.8L help brands to connect with consumers in a unique way!

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