Why You Should Engage With Micro-Influencers

It’s common knowledge today that traditional advertising pathways have gone stale among millennials, who find them intrusive, impersonal, and do their best to avoid them whenever possible.[1] As such, brands have recently been making efforts to reach audiences through other channels.

A popular marketing trend is to recruit so-called “influencers” — celebrities who have far-reaching sway — to get the word out.[2] For example, a prominent celebrity with a following of 20 million on Snapchat can get a brand’s name out into the world with a single post.[3] But influencers have limitations: they will not advocate for brands nor will they seek to make personal connection with customers.[4]

Despite these shortcomings, it’s common to cling to the idea that size is the single most important factor when it comes to marketing: the bigger the superstar, the louder the voice, the better. The size of reach works if you have a clearly targeted and well-established audience along with a six-figure budget,[5] but if you’re looking to explore and expand into new markets, the most effective way to convert potential customers into engaged followers is to use a personal touch.

Micro-Influencers: Quality over Quantity

There’s a shift unfolding in the marketing world today towards quality over quantity. A recent study on Instagram users reveals that “as an influencer’s follower total rises, the rate of engagement with followers decreases.”[6] The magic number is 1,000.

Source: Instagram Marketing: Does Influencer Size Matter

This first figure shows that at 1,000 followers, users get “likes” 8% of the time, while if a user’s followers hit 100,000 and up, the rate drops dramatically to less than 2%.

Source: Instagram Marketing: Does Influencer Size Matter

This figure, like the one above, shows that after 1,000 followers, the comment rate falls dramatically.

The constant here? “The messenger matters.”[7] Messengers are more effective if they come across as authentic and familiar, as people we know and can connect with on a personal level.

With the internet today, consumers are continually bombarded by brand messages to the point that the flurry of messages simply becomes background noise. Today’s consumers prefer more familiar, personal interactions with the brands they select.[8]

Individuals who have 1,000 to 10,000 followers are called “micro-influencers,” and they offer a more casual and intimate engagement between brands and customers, presenting a tremendous opportunity for brands to tap into.

An additional advantage to micro-influencers is that they can be people who demonstrate a high level of experience, even expertise, in a specific area.

Think of Michelle Phan in 2005 when she was just starting out. Her followers could engage her at a personal level and intimately get to know her experiences with brands. By 2010, she had one million followers, and while she had gained massive viewership, she lost depth of engagement: her followers had a one in a million chance of being heard.

Micro-influencers can effectively bridge a familiar relationship with potential customers and draw them into your brand’s aura, but how do you recruit these persuasive characters?

0.8L’s Community

0.8L is a platform that specializes in micro-influencer marketing. It brings together a community of individuals keen on exploring new brands, many of whom are well established micro-influencers: experienced users who share their informed opinions on their personal blogs. The community is also made up of regular individuals who love to share their experiences of brands with their friends on social media.

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0.8L’s platform is built with the fundamental belief that ordinary folk can be as influential as social media celebrities. They don’t reach as far, but they connect much more deeply with their followers.

Through first-hand word-of-mouth, 0.8L’s community do the following things for brands:
1. They spread brand awareness throughout and beyond the community on an intimate, personal, and well-informed level.

2. They give brands a profound and comprehensive look at how a brand is actually seen and experienced by consumer. Read Laura’s post to see the brand’s response

By joining 0.8L’s community, brands can find committed followers who will advocate for them and provide valuable customer feedback as well as online reviews. You can utilize insights from the users and market products and services, accordingly.

Want to interact with potential customers directly? 0.8L help brands to connect with consumers in a unique way!

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